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Twins Chat Picks Rules

•March 31, 2011 • 3 Comments

Rules are the same as last year. As a refresher, this is the scoring.

Single = 1
Double = 2
Triple = 3
Home Run = 4
Run = 1
RBI = 1
Stolen Base = 1
Walk = 1
Strikeout = -1
Double Play = -2
Fielding Error = -1

Also, You can only pick a player two times in a row before you must choose someone else. People last year really liked to pick DY a little too many times during the week. So therefore this rule came to life.

So every day check on the right hand side of the blog where I will have you choose your player for that day (Under “Twins Chat Picks”. Make sure you click on the right day). Or, you can get your player in via Twitter or by email ( And remember, you can email from your phone through a text message! Don’t forget to put your pick in before the game because picks after the game starts won’t count! Any questions, please feel free to ask! Otherwise, Good Luck to everyone!